Tree Removal Project Update...

An update on our tree removal project...

We are currently in the process of cleaning up numerous trees that were removed from the golf course this winter. Most were trees that were not "in play" but some were taken to improve the playability and aesthetics of our course. All hands are on deck to get the project completed ASAP!

As you can see in the images below, important changes were made to quite a few holes (changes were made to other holes not pictured below). Here are some of the highlights of the project:

The first image is of the trees removed on Hole #1. The tee shot is much easier now with less trees to clear while also making the fairway more visible from the tee. The second image is of Hole #3. The set of trees on the right side of the hole were removed. This will help the all-around playability of this hole and with the air-flow to #2 green. The last image is from the fairway on Hole #13. The tree that was just off the right side of the fairway was removed, which will make both tee-shots and some second shots easier.

Come out and play a round of golf to see the improvements for yourself!

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